We will be your scout….finding and reporting on the best places to travel.

Have you ever felt that you have to spend 10 times as much time planning a trip than the time that you actually spend on vacation? Finding the right travel destinations and the best things to do in those destinations is hard; however, planning in advance is the best way to get the most out of your trip.

I have been a vacation planner for decades, even though I never got paid! Our family loves to travel but nobody loves to plan. That is where my curiosity, love of learning and research skills have helped me plan some great adventures!

Travel by Rod Hawk. Yosemite State Park
Bike Riders in Amsterdam
Bike Riders in Amsterdam by Rod Hawk

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, especially the traveler! Personally, I have started to travel using “NearbyCations”! This is not a local staycation or a long distance vacation. A NearbyCation is a nearby city, town or destination that is within 3-4 hours and allows you to get away but not have to worry about cancelled flights or the other challenges that come with travelling today. Although I may be writing about the best places to visit in Florida as a Floridian, the information can be applied for travelling to Florida from anywhere in the United States or the World.

Sunrise Cocoa Beach FL
Sunrise during the pandemic with Disney Cruise Line ship in Cocoa Beach Florida
Madeira Beach Florida
Child during an upcoming rain storm in Madeira Beach Florida

In addition to travel and photography I have recently become interested in mental and physical health. To be the best person you can be takes a lot of hard word, making sure that your mind and body are in top condition. I am a student of meditation and use my workout time to hear inspirational self health books. I have started a simple home gym and have a regiment of workouts using adjustable dumbbells and a bench. I will share my experiences with you in hopes that it will also help improve your life. My wife and I have become partners, both in life and business. Like everything it takes work and I will share the experiences through my stories.


Follow me as I explore Florida, the United States and the world. We have all been trapped during the pandemic and I hope my experiences will help you decide the best places to travel and explore!


I have been taking photos for over 40 years and have studied the best ways to compose pictures to give you information on how to take the best travel, landscape, wildlife and architectural photos!

Health and Wellness

To be the best person you can be you have to be healthy, both mentally and physically. Follow me as I review the best self help books and mental exercises. Start you own home gym and exercise regiment.

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